Making Old-Fashioned Lingerie Bags

Today i read an blog post on p.s. phyllis sews about making some nice “old fashioned” lingerie bags. But see yourself. More pictures are available in her blog post!

Wear Me & Wash Me

This nice pink lingerie bag with “Wear Me” / “Wash Me” embroidered is of 100% pink cotton. Size is 11 x 14″ (28 x 36 cm). Can be used for ...

Bag Combination: Lingerie, Laundry, Shoes

Today i have a nice combination of three bags for you. The travel bags are labeled “Sac a ligne”, “Chassures” (both french for laundry bag and shoe) and “Lingerie”. Available ...

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Wedding Night Lingerie

You’ve chosen your dress and you’ve chosen your man, arguably the two most important items to have on your wedding day. Which one you find most important is completely personal. Now that all the final details are in place and your wedding day is fast approaching, it’s time to pack for your honeymoon and your [...]

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Sultry to Sweet: The Benefits of European Lingerie

Girls. Is your sex life getting boring? Has some of the passion started to dwindle in the bedroom? Before trying medication or expensive sex toys, why not start out with something simple. Studies show that women who are more confident in themselves perform better under the sheets than those who aren’t. Why not show off [...]

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Ho Ho Ho – Christmas Lingerie

Make your partner say HO, HO, HO with fun Christmas lingerie. There are a few tricks you can do to pull of the holiday look. You can create a sexy appearance or you can take it a different way and make it fun. The main thing to remember is to remain comfortable in whatever you [...]

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Valentine Lingerie Instead of Flowers?

If you are like me, on Valentine’s Day you’re hoping he brings you flowers and a piece of jewelry with a big rock in it. Instead, he may get himself a gift and bring you some sexy lingerie. Not that I don’t like to occasionally put on a hot red lace negligee, but I think [...]

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Baby Doll Lingerie, Really?

I know that men love lingerie, and lots of women like wearing it, too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting on a little something sexy and greeting your significant other at the door wearing it while holding a can of beer in one hand and a steak in the other. It’s a man’s greatest [...]

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How to Write Wedding Lingerie Shower Invitations: Wording

My friend is the maid-of-honor for an upcoming wedding, which automatically means she has to throw a bridal shower. The bride is already having several other showers from relatives, co-workers, and future relatives. This future bride has been living on her own for a number of years now, so my friend is having a difficult [...]

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French Lingerie

French lingerie is one of life’s intimate delights. All women should experience the sheer pleasure of wearing beautiful, ultra-soft cotton and silk bras, panties, tap pants, camisoles, teddies, pajamas and the full-blown glamour of peignoirs! French language: lingerie. The word, lingerie, originated in 13th century France, according to “Say Chic: A Collection of French Words [...]

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Italian Lingerie

Some of the most delicate and beautiful lingerie in the world is made in Italy, gorgeously handcrafted to intricately complement every woman and enhance every curve. It proudly boasts a classy and feminine look that remains sultry and regal even as it evolves with each decade. It’s important to remember that your body will only [...]

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All About Pinup Lingerie

What is it about pinup lingerie that gets men and women so excited? Is it the retro fit, the naughty underwear look, or the throwback to the great actresses of another time? Whatever it is, pinup lingerie is a hot as it has ever been. Knowing how to work it can bring your love life [...]

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Thermal Underwear

A Brief History of Thermal Underwear The history of undergarments is a long evolution dictated by practical, fashionable and social influences. The origins of thermal underwear finds its place in a return to practicality after a long bout of domination by the latter two forces. It was originally developed for women during the Victorian clothing [...]

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