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'80 per cent of women still wear the wrong sized bra'
Richa explains, "Even after trying it out, 80 per cent of the women still wear the wrong sized bra. It means the people are still not ... The learning curve is way higher." "From understanding what the market needs, to how to position the product, what.

The water-filled bra has siphoned off as much as $3 million in sales from Wonderbra, but it’s still tiny compared to Wonderbra’s $100 million annual wholesale ... up the puncture and stops the leak, the way auto tires do,” she said.

Some British Don't Want To Let Victoria's Secret Onto Bond Street
“By comparison, £100 of designer outerwear won’t get you much. Victoria’s Secret lets you buy designerwear ... Gossard’s infamous Wonderbra made bras and pants into must-have items, and changed the way we were prepared to dress – and undress.

The bra that can fasten 100 different ways
Lingerie makers at Wonderbra have come up with a push-up bra which can be strapped on in at least 100 different ways. They claim the Multiplunge bra can be matched to any daring outfit women choose to wear during the Christmas party season. Julia Nolan.

100 great ways to wear a Wonderbra
The point of the exercise was to show off Wonderbra’s “revolutionary” new creation. Called the Multiplunge, the bra can be worn in 100 different ways thanks to its adjustable straps. A Wonderbra spokesman said: “Be it halter neck, criss-cross or a.

A Social History of the Bra
In accentuating and lifting the bosom, rather than trying to flatten it, they bade farewell to the flapper, and paved the way for the future glamourpuss ... In underwear history, the Wonderbra was the Great Liberator. Bras would no longer lurk unseen.

The non-slip Wonderbra that won’t let you down
Wonderbra spokeswoman Julia Nolan said: “The way it works is ... and involved around 100 hours of testing during which women of different bust sizes jumped, danced and twisted without mishap, said Ms Nolan. She added: “This bra will stay up no matter.

Nike, Reebok, Puma stay in the fast lane to catch up with India's growing population of runners
The Speedform, which costs $120 a pop, is in fact made in a bra factory. It's the Wonderbra of running shoes from what we ... level and do competitions to catch them young. We'd rather get 100% of our target audience rather than 5% of the masses.

Zivame.com: Redefining Lingerie Shopping
The site claims to offer over 5,000 styles and more than 100 sizes with around 20, 000 products. Dubbing 'mom and pop shops' and 'departmental stores' as their competition, Kar believes that it is much easier for a woman to buy a bra online than to go to a.

100 years of the bra
But don't fret too much, for even Angelina Jolie is famously supposed to have said, "I didn't even know my bra size until I made a movie." Considering where it started, the basic bra sure has come a long way... Parisian couturier Paul Poiret gave impetus.

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