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Rover 'Bruno' helps scientists search for life on Mars - Daily Mail
Steering the machine through a barrier raised across the 30 metres (98ft) by 13 metres ( 42ft ) testing area, he will seek out targets marked with an "X". Bruno is a stripped down version of the rover, missing all its scientific hardware, yet is designed.

So much for global warming! Four out of the last five winters have been COLDER than average
Both 2006/07 and 2007/08 were very mild winters, with mean temperatures of 5.6C (42F) and 4.9C (41F). Forecaster Helen Chivers said a cyclical phenomenon known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) could be contributing to the colder winters. This.

Five-inch T-rex tooth sells for world-record price of £36000 - Daily Mail
Standing on two legs and measuring up to 42ft in length, the beast had jaws large enough to snap up an entire man in one bite and strong enough to crush bones. The dinosaur's strong thighs and long, powerful tail helped it to move quickly, while its.

Kate Bush criticised over 'unfortunate' comeback poster of herself being rescued from the sea as search continues ... - Daily Mail
39;The image that was chosen to advertise the shows originates from a conceptual piece called The Ninth Wave that was released in 1985. 'It is about a woman who is lost at sea but is rescued in the end. Months ago I thought that, as part of the show.

8 things you missed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show
the Victoria's Secret fashion show — took place Wednesday night in in the City of Light. Among the takeaways: performances by Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid joining forces, as well as a $3 million Fantasy bra modelled by Jasmine.

Was the T-Rex really wiped out by a sore throat? - Daily Mail
the 42ft -long, seven-ton dinosaur starved to death. The focus of the study was a survey of lesions on the jaws of Sue and nine other tyrannosaur specimens. Dinosaur expert and study coauthor Ewan Wolff, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said.

Why the only paper profit that I'll make from this home is down to the Titanic - Daily Mail
39;Last year houses were selling at more than reserve price,' says Dave. 'I knew I had won when the other bidder started raising his price in jumps of £500 rather than £5,000, which showed he was close to his maximum. I got it for £350,000 and I thought.

Segway tycoon who was killed on one of his own scooters leaves £340m in his will - Daily Mail
Leeds Coroners Court was told the path he was on was just five feet from the 42ft drop and tree branches in the area may also have contributed to his loss of control. Mr Heselden is thought to have fallen on to the bank of the river before ending up in.

Human-powered helicopter smashes world record with 50-second pedal-driven flight - Daily Mail
Gamera is a huge 60ft long and each rotor is 42ft in diameter. The model is made from carbon fibre, foam and balsa wood, weighs just 140lbs. A flight tape will have to be verified, but a National Aeronautical Association judge says it appears the.

'We hold increasing hope': Search for MH370 boosted by significant developments, including new satellite images and ... - Daily Mail
Chinese satellites Saturday picked up signs of a 'suspicious' object measuring 72ft by 42ft in an area 75 miles west of where Australia reported an earlier sighting of floating debris. The Chinese satellite discovery was revealed this morning by.

We Care: Group seeks donations for families in need
The 13-year-old daughter needs size 12 pants, medium shirts, women’s size 9 ƒ shoes and warm gloves. • A 16-year-old Hamilton girl with special physical disabilities needs size 9 snow boots, size 7 women’s underwear, size 38C bra and ankle socks.

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