Bamsen Turbo Underpants Gnomes


Underpants Gnomes Set to Strike Marin with Trolleys
If you’re not a fan of South Park you’re probably wondering “who the heck are the underpants gnomes”, and "what’s that got to ... They still drive cars (smaller, more efficient, typically turbo diesel models). Instead we should be swimming.

Superhero-Inspired Sports Cars
The Porsche "Dark Knight" 911 Turbo S delivers a sinister take on the classic German sports car. Polish automobile customizer 'Auto-Dynamics' has released a Batman-inspired version of Porsche's 911 Turbo S. Redone in a custom carbon-fiber 'Turbo Aerokit.

Thanks, Obamacare: Missing health care tax forms preclude taxpayers from filing returns
Like the IRS says, if you obtained health insurance coverage through an insurance exchange in 2014, you’ll be receiving one additional form this year: Form 1095-A. Eventually. Maybe. Quite a few on social media are reporting that they haven’t received.

No Fixed Abode: You gotta be rich to own a cheap car.
If you’re a fan of automotive personality Matt Farah and/or his show, “The Smoking Tire”, you probably know that Matt recently bought a 1996 Lexus LS400 with 897,000 documented miles on the clock. That’s right. Do not adjust your television. That.

How to Use Less Plastic Because We're Using Way Too Much
There’s about a ton of plastic for each person living in the world today—that’s 8,300 million tons of plastic produced since 1950, most of which has become waste and ended up in landfills. Even worse, plastic production is increasing and half of all.

Platitudes aren’t plans
It’s the self defense equivalent to the business plan of South Park’s underpants gnomes: When our mental computer hits something that isn’t in the script, it creates gaps in our ability to perceive things and react to them…especially when.

Breaking! Dieter's Underpants Gnomes Strike Mercedes — Sales Up 17% For May
Looks like DaimlerChrysler Chairman and CEO Dieter Zetsche brought those profit-maximizing underpants gnomes with him when he moved from Auburn Hills to Stuttgart — sales at the Mercedes Car Group division were up 17% on the year in May. That's a record.

Racing Seat Brackets - Bride Gias
Probably gonna be a 2009 Underwear Gnome GXP. Anyone wanna trade 370z leather touring seats for bride gias seats? Haha. My wife is nagging me because she can't fit in these seats, so if I install them she won't ever be able to get in the 370z. That's a bad.

I can’t stay focused at work!
Do you have any tips for concentration or productivity in the office? I’m more than a year into my first full-time position in marketing, and I’m either experiencing burnout or a newfound case of ADD. My company is small, and sometimes I get to the.

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