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I think I may start just betting on them to go 0-16 every year, that way when it does happen, I’ll at least have some money in my pocket to waste on having a draft party to watch them get a 37 year old running back with the top ... to take out on Philly.

Sydney Man Inserts Transport Card Chip Into His Skin - Huffington Post Australia
Sydney man has Opal card implanted into hand to make catching public transport easier ABC Online.

Monday Morning QB: Marshawn Lynch Dances for Oakland; Slighted Raiders Fans Join the Party Cowboys Need to ... - Sports Illustrated
At the Beast Mode Store in downtown Oakland (Beast Mode bras can be purchased), staff members there would not do interviews Sunday. ... Because the Raiders looked like Super Bowl contenders, and because Lynch did everything right all day, starting with.

Where Do You Start Shaving Your Face?
Texas and Texas A&M are top 10 enrollments so fit both of those criteria ... Like, if we order dumplings from Chinese takeout and I want to drink the little bit of dipping sauce left in the container (and I do), then I will clear my plate, walk over.

Pro players speak out about the 'absurdity' of the concussion protocol in women's soccer - Excelle Sports
In September last year, the NFL launched a new protocol surrounding concussions. The initiative, known as β€œPlay Smart. Play Safe,” now specifies that whenever a player is suspected to have incurred a possible concussion, he must be removed immediately&nbsp.

Australia busts $900 million of meth smuggled in bra inserts, art supplies - USA TODAY
Australian police seize $900M worth of liquid meth hidden in boxes of imported bra inserts , art supplies New York Daily News.

Father violently slaps a nurse after 'she fails to insert an IV needle into his baby despite having tried a few times' - Daily Mail
The nurse, surnamed Wang, was on duty to insert an IV needle. According to Kankanews, Wang failed to find the vein after inserting the needle under the skin, she decided to pull it out and try again. But the father got angry and slapped her in the face.

Some Victoria's Secret bras have a weird defect β€” and customers are furious - Business Insider
She noticed stains on her shirt and then cut open the bra to find out what she called a "liquid sack" inside, and the bra "literally poured out liquid." She did, however, note that it was an old bra . (So this may not be true for the bras on the market.

Tax-free Weekend: Here's what you need to know - KHOU
Tax-free weekend is Aug. 11 to Aug. 13. Here's how to make the most of those back-to-school deals. KHOU 10:22 PM. CDT August 09, 2017. Texas families are gearing up for back-to-school shopping savings this weekend. CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN&nbsp.

'NFL if you're watching this and need a new player, I'm your girl': Gemma Collins finally discusses THAT orange ... - Daily Mail
And Gemma Collins has finally spoken out about her daring orange frock - admitting she found the reaction 'hysterical', but will never regret any of her fashion choices. Speaking to The Sun, the 36-year-old played along .... One Twitter user made a.

Cowboys are world's most valuable team at $4.8 billion - Daily Mail
The Dallas Cowboys not only are the NFL's most valuable franchise for the 11th straight year, they are the top -valued team in the world. According to Forbes magazine, their worth increased 14 percent in the last year, reaching $4.8 billion. (AP Photo.

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