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Why You Shouldn’t Get Tattoos, Especially If You’re A Woman
This video was inspired by the article Thots on Parade: White Women Really Need a Reality Check. Since I am someone with tattoos, and in my early twenties I was engaged in a career as a tattoo artist, I decided to provide a more detailed.

International Riders List for Mercedes-Benz Zürich CSI5*
The Mercedes-Benz CSI5* Zurich has been taking place since 1988. This year it will take part from January 27 to 29 at the Hallenstadion stadium in Zurich Oerlikon, Swizterland. During the 3-day tournament, around 45,000 spectators will enjoy horse.

Vikings Season 3. Lagertha & Ragnar Lothbrok Lost Their Last Chance Of Happiness in Uppsala
Find this Pin and more on Vikings. Vikings Season Lagertha & Ragnar Lothbrok lost their last chance of happiness in Uppsala. What do you know about the Temple of Uppsala? Ragnar ultimately lost Lagertha, for Aslaug after he was foretold by the sear she was.

Computer Scientists Crack "Unbreakable" Code, Find Minutes of 250-Year-Old Secret Society
“Curiosity is inherited with mankind. Frequently we want to know something only because it needs to be kept secret.” Astute psychology on the part of this secret society scribe. With the most powerful computers ever known <insert maniacal laugh>, you.

Bloodthirsty pillagers? No, the Vikings who invaded Britain 1,000 years ago were on a mission of love because rich polygamists back home were marrying all the women
The Vikings who pillaged Britain 1,000 years ago may have had ... Writing in the journal Evolution And Human Behaviour, researchers from Sweden’s University of Uppsala and Canada’s Simon Fraser University said: ‘Many low-status men would have found.

Essential words and phrases to help you get dressed (and undressed) in Swedish
Clothes. We all buy them, we all wear them, and we pile on seventeen layers when the winter comes. But can we pepper our Swedish conversations with the right wardrobe lingo? We’ll start with a couple of essential verb constructions then work our way up.

Uplifting evidence for Viking lingerie range
and their women wore bras. Swedish researchers claim Viking women were the first in western civilisation to look for a little support at home while their menfolk were off in their longboats. Archaeologist Annika Larsson from the University of Uppsala says.

Dig supports theory Viking women were first to use bras
THEY came, they saw, they pillaged — and their women wore bras. Swedish researchers claim Viking women were the first in Western ... Archaeologist Annika Larsson from the University of Uppsala says a find at Birka near Stockholm proves that the original.

Development Studies Conference in Liverpool
Since 2007 my research group Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University has had a collaboration with the University of Liverpool Management School and Simon Snowden. When he asked me if I could come and participate in the School’s Development Studies.

Tales from Abroad – Caroline Probst
There is no better feeling than going to a cafe, getting a pastry and a coffee for fika, and sitting outside or taking a walk through Gamla Uppsala around the Viking burial bounds, an important part of Scandinavian culture. At Uppsala University.

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