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11 best musical toys
Here are some of the best toys to get your children involved from birth to toddlerhood: plush toys that double up as music makers for the tiniest of babies to start experimenting with sounds; a piano gym that grows with your child from birth; wooden.

Funny Money Issues? Tamar & Vincent List Mediterranean Mansion for $15M
Tamar Braxton and her music executive husband Vincent Herbert ... “A central gallery with glossy grand piano is flanked to one side by a lounge with semi-circular sofa in front of an ornate fireplace and to the other by a “champagne bar” modeled.

Halloween horror translated for ballet: How 'Inferno' will turn Dante into dance
Between the two piano parts, you’ll have couplets moving against triplets and all sorts of iterations of unusual breaking up of notes. But I don’t know of another living composer who has created music as danceable as this. He really knows dance.

“A Song for Robin” by Heather O’Neill
I didn’t have a score for the piano guy because I wanted to sing it a cappella. The kids in the auditorium and backstage were laughing the whole way through the 30 seconds of my song. They thought ... that at the time. My bra was lying on the floor.

For a brain boost start piano before the age of seven: Playing an instrument has biggest benefits when lessons start young
All instruments, from the piano to accordion helped equally. Other studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can boost IQ, make it easier to pick up new languages and interpret the emotions of others. But while music lessons in general seem to.

TabBank Makes Writing Your Own Guitar Music Easier Than Ever
It lets you put together songs with chords, lyrics, and even tablature that you can then print out or share online in PDF form. The app also lets you import existing tabs from the web, so you can tweak them yourself, or use the app’s audio preview.

Man-bra goes on sale in Japan to help blokes with 'moobs'
Great news for blokes with 'moobs' - the world's first 'man-bra' has gone on sale. The special garment, available in Japan, promises "round-the-clock protection against the effects of gravity". Called the Floral Goodnight Bra, and known in Japanese as the.

HELOISE'S KITCHENEERING: Sweet potato or yam?
Kids learn so much outside of the classroom -- things they need to know: working with other people and resolving conflict through sports; expressing themselves with dance, singing and piano through music class ... to a belt loop or bra strap, and has.

Behind The Candelabra: 15 Great Piano-Driven Pop Songs
In the spirit of reviving all things Lee, we’ve compiled this playlist of piano-packing pop stars, all of whom — whether they want to admit it in their cool little hearts or not — owe a debt of gratitude to the first man to make pianos hip since.

40 Years Of Athletic Support: Happy Anniversary To The Sports Bra
But she found she had a problem: What to do with her breasts? "I used two bras," she says. "You know, everyone has their stories of what they did." Across campus, Lisa Lindahl was in the same predicament. She reached out to a friend — Polly Smith.

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