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Brazil take on Argentina in Melbourne in the 108th meeting between the sides: Here's the story of a rivalry that's ... - Daily Mail
It is among the most famous footballing rivalries in the world, with a rich history filled with famous names of yesteryear and a reputation for entertainment that has spread across the globe. This week the Brazil vs Argentina roadshow makes its way to&nbsp.

Traveller set to become the fastest female to visit EVERY country in the world after hitting 180 destinations in ... - Daily Mail
A globetrotting woman hopes to break a Guinness World Record by becoming the fastest female to travel to all 196 countries. Cassie De Pecol, 27, from Washington, Connecticut, embarked on her journey in July of 2015 and now she is nearing the end of her&nbsp.

Astronomers just mapped the inside of a supernova - Astronomy Magazine
Then, they created 3- D maps of the elements and molecules found within the collapsed supernova with the data collected. In the last 30 years, SN 1987A had time to cool down and start forming new molecules. Now we have the first results of what kinds of&nbsp.

The Sky This Week for March 10 to 19 - Astronomy Magazine
By carefully observing many of these so-called occultations, astronomers can more accurately map variations (caused by mountains and valleys) at the lunar edge. Saturday, March 11. Venus shines brilliantly in the western sky after sunset all week.

This Chinese telescope team is making a 7000 mile journey to the eclipse - Astronomy Magazine
“More than five years later, I still have not seen any concrete demonstrations that the prototype can achieve its goals and be able to map solar magnetic fields (the reported eclipse observations are unsuited to serve that purpose),” says Stenflo in an.

Viewing the sky at radio frequencies - Astronomy Magazine
the GBT can collect frequencies from 290 megahertz to 116 gigahertz and, in a single day, can examine the subsurfaces of the moons of Jupiter, discover pulsars, map passing asteroids, and track hydrogen clouds to clock the spins of their host.

How the Voyagers and Hubble work together to map the final frontier - Astronomy Magazine
Three of NASA's longest lasting missions work together to explore what lies beyond the Sun's reach. By John Wenz | Published: Friday, January 06, 2017. Voyager_spacecraft. WikiMedia Commons. It's not just a cloudy day somewhere here on Earth.

How does Burning Man leave the desert squeaky clean?
“Somebody mooped a bra ... map back in 2006, as a way to track how Burning Man “residents” leave their area. “I’m a graphic designer previously in a former lifetime, so I understand things visually,”he says. Dominic Tinio, who goes by “D.A.

In My Restaurant: No Phones, Coke Or Ketchup, Or Michelin Stars
Its just one of those curious incidences that only now caught the fancy of media and social networks, and put the restaurant on the global map to the amusement of the ... “I don’t mind. I’d rather that people like that eat in another restaurant.

Is the Moon's mantle wet? - Astronomy Magazine
The Moon's Interior Could Contain Lots of Water, Study Shows

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