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The Brazilian Doctors Who Sounded the Alarm on Zika and Microcephaly - Wall Street Journal
Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and at U.S. university medical centers, along with the heads of Brazil's leading medical research laboratories, now believe that evidence for a connection between Zika and microcephaly is strong.

What's inside the 'pit of Mars'? Satellites spot strange 'Swiss cheese' area of the red planet next to a giant hole - Daily Mail
An image of the feature projected at a scale of 50 centimeters (19.7 inches ) per pixel shows how it dwarfs all the other pock-marks that dot the landscape. It came just days after NASA revealed the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has completed 50,000.

Just when you thought anime marketing couldn't be any more bust-focused: character breast weights - RocketNews24
And since nitty-gritty bits of numerical data regarding a series' world and characters are the icing on the cake for super fans, you can usually expect the producers to release official statistics regarding the bust measurement and also often the cup.

Bra size calculator
An ill-fitting bra not only ... Step 1- Your band size shows 28" when measured so you add 4 to it which makes it 32. Step 2- Your cup size measurement shows 34". Step 3- 34" - 32" = 2" Your size is 34 B Difference Cup Size -1 inch AA 1-2 inches A 2-3.

'I always sleep in my corset': Geoffrey Edelsten's new girlfriend Gabi Grecko aims to shrink her waist by THIRTEEN ... - Daily Mail
MailOnline US - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories .... Speaking to the MailOnline at an exclusive photo shoot held at Geoffrey's Melbourne home on Thursday, Gabi, 24, said she's undertaking 'corset training' in attempt to lose a total.

What would a real life Barbie look like? - BBC News
She turns 50 on Monday, but Barbie has a remarkable figure for a woman of any age. So what if you scaled her up to human proportions? For a woman celebrating her half-century Barbie is remarkably unchanged from the young, fresh-faced Wisconsin girl&nbsp.

What it's really like to be induced without an epidural - BabyCenter (blog)
For my 4th one and my only girl when I started to feel in real pain and went to hospital I was 8 cm dilated and got an epidural just to be able to finish dilating without pain. .... My youngest child was induced 3 days before my due date because of her.

Chinese Women Becoming Fuller of Figure - Women of China
Physically, they are usually described as fragile, dainty and slender with small breasts, a notion underlined by a map widely circulated by Google in 2012 that showed the average cup size for bras was A. A quarter of a ... Breast size , which is.

What Would Barbie Look Like in Real Life? A New Study in Comparison by Artist Nickolay Lamm - Babble
Artist Nickolay Lamm, who recently did a fun and fascinating study on Barbie and other children's dolls called What Barbie Would Really Look Like Without Makeup? just completed his latest project working with Marco Romero called What Would Barbie Look&nbsp.

Bandit, the Latest Bra Startup, Wants Us to Stop Obsessing Over Size - Racked
Instead, using the site's “Find Your Size” section, you input your rib cage and bust measurements yourself (yes, you'll need a tape measure ) and click to get your “true global size.” There was ... Bandit uses what it calls “global sizes,” or what's.

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