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CIO interview: Jim Downing, Metail -
Users provide their height, weight, bra size , waist and hip measurements , which produces a 3D model so the consumer can see what the clothes will look like on their body type. Hundreds of garments a day are modelled by Metail all around the world, and&nbsp.

Breast map reveals how Aussies compare on the global 'cup size- scale -
The data revealed women with the biggest bust sizes live in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, with average cup sizes larger than a D. Australia, in comparison , has an average cup size of a C cup — according to the data. Women located in Africa or.

The stunning maps that reveal the world at a glance: From manhood and breast size to obesity and divorce rates, how ... - Daily Mail
Large parts of Asia including China, South Korea and Thailand have the smallest penis measurements , averaging 4.5 inches and 11.4cm, while men in Sudan, the Democratic of Congo and Columbia and Hungary in Europe are shown to have the biggest,&nbsp.

Bandit, the Latest Bra Startup, Wants Us to Stop Obsessing Over Size - Racked
Instead, using the site's “Find Your Size ” section, you input your rib cage and bust measurements yourself (yes, you'll need a tape measure) and click to get your “true global size .” There was nothing crazy or shocking about the process — until my.

Sexy Bras for Everyone! Model Launches Lingerie Line for the Women Fashion Forgets
The average American woman wears a size 34DD bra, but few options deliver the whole package: style, comfort and affordability. Which brings us quickly back to Amber ... from Spanx and Jockey to clients across Europe. “Or the bras are heinous and look.

Inside the fight to take back the fitting room - TIME
And while it does affect men, whose shirts and jeans rarely bear honest measurements , it's a much more sweeping issue for women—not just because we have more clothing options but also because we are more closely scrutinized for what we wear. When we.

The BoJ isn't buying anywhere near as many bonds as it used to
Like other major central banks such as the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank ... it has not been buying anywhere that amount of bonds recently. As seen in the chart below from Westpac, rather than buying at an annual pace of around 80 trillion.

How To Measure Your Bra Size Correctly At Home - Guardian (blog)
They say that 75-80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size . Truthfully, our bodies change all the time (even just within a year or two) as we gain or lose weight, as we gain or lose muscle tone with exercise, with pregnancy or nursing, and simply.

I had a bra fitting with a lingerie expert — and it completely changed the way I feel about my breast size
For reference, I'm usually between sizes 30 E and F, but I also own bras that fit in other sizes, including a 32 D sports bra designed by a British brand. Moving to the US from the UK has ... she said that in European sizes, I would likely be an E or.

Looking back at the remarkable history of the Nobel Prize from 1901-2017 using maps, charts and tables
The second (proportional) map above is redrawn to show the relative size of each geographic area based on the number of Nobel prizes received, and helps to further illustrate graphically the dominance of US/Canada and Western Europe for Nobel laureates.

Cannabis Cultivator Poised to Profit When Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in Canada
It's up 35% since then, and the sector is up over 20%, which officially puts us in bull territory ... That's 22 times the current size-a 2,200% increase, essentially overnight. If that's not enough, Canada will become the only developed nation in the.

Victoria's Secret Released a “What Is Sexy” List & Apparently “Sexy” Has a Very Narrow Definition - The Mary Sue
What is Sexy 2017 - Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret.

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