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Eye on the storms: weather forecasters launch HK$9 million typhoon tracking system - South China Morning Post
The dropsonde, fitted with sensors, a radio transmitter and GPS antenna, is intended to help meteorologists collect more precise data to determine the location and intensity of a storm – while also keeping aircraft at a safe distance above the storm.

Scientists devise 'promising' new stem cell treatment that has the 'potential to cure Parkinson's disease' and stop ... - Daily Mail
Reprogrammed cells relieve Parkinson's symptoms in trials

Britain's biggest ever traitor: Red Sonia, Christine Keeler and the final, damning evidence - Daily Mail
Having taken her miniature high-tech radio transmitter from a cavity in the stone wall of the garden, Sonia, then 36, sat at a kitchen table downstairs. She had laboriously converted the document she had acquired, letter by letter, into code. Then.

Iraq and the sarin gas of spin: An extraordinary eyewitness account of the regiments of spin doctors sent to Baghdad - Daily Mail
In the pre-dawn darkness of an April morning in 2003 an American C-130 Hercules transporter made a forced zig-zag descent through a potentially hostile sky and came to a screeching halt in an arc of armoured vehicles at Baghdad international airport.

Are you sure you're not being BUGGED? Cyborg beetles fitted with radio transmitters could lead to new living ... - Daily Mail
Scientists have proved they can control how beetles fly and walk by turning them into cyborgs. Researchers fitted giant flower beetles, which measure two inches long and weigh around 0.3 ounces, with radio transmitter backpacks and wired them to their&nbsp.

Operation Acoustic Kitty: How the CIA's attempt to turn CATS into cyborg spies ended abruptly after the cat was run ... - Daily Mail
a clandestine experiment appropriately dubbed Operation Acoustic Kitty, a veterinary surgeon implanted a microchip in the ear canal of a cat and a small radio transmitter at the base of the animal's skull, hiding a wire antenna in his long grey-and.

Review: Air Hogs Hawk Eye remote control operated video camera - Daily Mail
A micro helicopter with a remote control operated video 'spy' camera, it sounds like the ultimate gadget, but unfortunately the Air Hogs Hawk Eye falls short of expectations in more ways than one. The helicopter itself is extremely difficult to fly.

Drone disaster fears as hackers show off 'Icarus' system that can take over ANY craft in mid air - Daily Mail
A security expert has demonstrated how a common radio transmitter can be used to gain complete control of nearby drones mid-air. Revealed at ... The Icarus system was demonstrated on Wednesday by Jonathan Andersson, the advanced security research group.

Donald Trump Thinks Crime Is Out of Control, Hillary Clinton Thinks Gun Violence Is Growing. They're Both Wrong. - Reason (blog)
Here's a quick guide to what Democrats and Republicans don't get about 20-year trends in violent crime and shootings. Nick Gillespie| Jul. 23, 2016 9:17 pm. Remember that time that Republican presidential nominee talked about he was the "law and order"&nbsp.

All Mighty Senators write their own definition of success
Known to rock out in push-up bras and superhero outfits ... You had KRS-One; there was De La Soul. It would run the whole spectrum from heavy political stuff to party hip-hop. Now there's just one type on the radio, one type of everything.

Business executive who claimed spending six hours a day on his mobile gave him brain cancer dies aged 44 - Daily Mail
A businessman who claimed using his mobile phone for six hours a day gave him brain cancer has died at the age of 44. Ian Phillips spent his last months warning about the risks of long exposure to radiation from mobiles. After going to hospital with a.

Meltdown! Power cuts. Plane crashes. Computer carnage. Banks out of cash. How an enemy could destroy Britain by ... - Daily Mail
Ripples were felt across the world — in North America, emergency services radio equipment stopped working, electrical power grids were disrupted and the BBC was unable to broadcast digital radio programmes in some areas for up to two days. Yet it.

Mini mobile phones are bestsellers for inmates as they are small enough to be stored 'internally' and made of ... - Daily Mail
A source claimed the micro -phones have overtaken the so-called 'key fob' phones as the most popular handset in Irish jails. Miniature mobile phones disguised as BMW car 'fobs' had previously been a favourite of inmates because of their small size.

Now that really is a smart cover: Apple patents iPad case with its own touchscreen - Daily Mail
radio waves', reads the patent. Apple does recognize the limitations of harvesting energy without a dedicated transmitter and says the energy gathered from the solar panels could be used to 'trickle' a micro battery or super capacitor embedded in.

NASA may make a mechanical computer to navigate Venus' surface - Astronomy Magazine
A team of researches are still studying how a rover like AREE would operate in extreme conditions. NASA/JPL-Caltech. Venus is a famously difficult planet to explore — but a new NASA proposal that borrows a thing or two from steampunk science fiction&nbsp.

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