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A dream technique! Martha Stewart reveals a brilliant method for folding a fitted sheet in video demonstration by ... - Daily Mail
Folding a fitted sheet is one of the most difficult household tasks to master, but two of Martha Stewart's close friends have created a how-to video so brilliant that the domestic goddess was compelled to share it with her fans. The 76-year-old took to.

Is this a member of Indonesia's lost pygmy tribe? Mysterious small figure is caught on camera scurrying out of the ... - Daily Mail
It is unknown where in the northern province the video was taken. The Alas tribe, work in forests to fell timber and collect resin, rubber and incence in the south-east of the province. The people farm rice and coffee, and also raise livestock such as.

Masked 'anti-tourist' vigilante group slash the tyres of an open-top bus filled with holidaymakers in Barcelona ... - Daily Mail
Four masked men attacked an open-top tourist bus in a violent assault holidaymakers mistook for a terror raid. The gang slashed the vehicle's tyres and daubed graffiti on its windows in a savage protest against mass tourism in Barcelona. The four men.

'It's not a test of manhood!' Glass executive eggs Trump on as he grunts and grimaces but can't break super-strong ... - Daily Mail
4 Billion Investment and 4000 Jobs from Corning, Merck, and Pfizer Initiative The White House.

CNN reporter is caught up in 'fake news' row after being accused of 'setting up' a Muslim counter-terror protest - Daily Mail
CNN staging the narrative before making report, they are truly Fake News! - YouTube YouTube.

Have Magic Leap's $1.4 billion AR glasses been revealed? Patent shows bulky-looking 'swimming goggles' - Daily Mail
Check out these smartglasses designed by $4.5 billion startup Magic Leap Business Insider.

Aviva Premiership results and standings
Rita Ora almost suffers awkward wardrobe malfunction as she high-kicks while filming new music video in two VERY racy outfits Jamie ... laid-back sweater and jeans combo during NYC outing 'Boy bye': Pascal Craymer makes thinly-veiled jibe at former flame.

Goodbye, HuffPost guy who hates Chicago, and please stop talking about your dick - AV Club
He even ran a “sex positive” comedy show for a time, where stand-ups were invited to come do a set as a warm-up for a live sex show—like the time he brought a woman he'd been dating for two weeks up on stage for a foot fetish demonstration , or the.

Google blood money: Web giant cashes in on vile seven-minute video showing 'knife expert' penetrating a stab vest ... - Daily Mail
A Mail on Sunday investigation today exposes how Google has cashed in on a sickening YouTube video that shows viewers how to kill someone in a stab vest like the one worn by PC Keith Palmer when he was murdered in the Westminster terror attack.

'That was awkward and disturbing': Shark Tank panel are left speechless over a BIZARRE pitch involving a children's ... - Daily Mail
It's the business reality show that sees everyday people pitch what they deem investment-worthy ideas. But the Shark Tank panel were left speechless, after a bizarre concept by Kim Macrae on Tuesday night's episode. 'That felt really awkward....I was.

E3 2005: Nintendo's E3 2005 Press Conference
A Nintendo intro video ... game in the traditional sense. david hollands dj talks about using electroplankton on video. 9:59 am: Hollands still likes it. Takes the stage to demonstrate some music tracks. He composed entire tracks from the unit. Sound demo.

Move over Microsoft: Google-backed startup Magic Leap may release $1000 'light-field' smart glasses this year - Daily Mail
Secretive startup Magic Leap will release its highly anticipated light-field smart glasses later this year, a new report has found. Pictured is a still from a 2016 video demo of the technology, in which the glasses projected notifications and.

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