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Australian cafe charges 'man tax,' Chinese restaurant offers women bra-size discounts - CW39
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Chinese restaurant under fire for bra size discounts
A CHINESE ... to their cup size. SEE ALSO: German cops nab Chinese tourists for making Nazi salute outside Parliament β€œThe whole city is looking for BREASTS,” the poster read, offering greater discounts for women with bigger bra sizes.

SIZE matters! This restaurant gives discount to women based on their bra size! - International Business Times, India Edition
A Chinese restaurant is offering discounts to women based on their bra size . Trendy Shrimp is located in a mall in the city of Hangzhou, China . Women can claim a discount up to 65 percent! On 31 July, a bizarre poster was placed outside the eatery with.

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Chinese Teen Undergoes Surgery to Have Boob-Like Lump Removed - NextShark
A Chinese teenager underwent surgery to partially remove one of his breasts after it mysteriously grew to the size of an A- cup bra , according to Daily Mail. The patient, who preferred to go by a false name, Xiao Yang, first noticed the growth when he.

Cambridge University Press kow-tows to Chinese demand to remove critical articles after Beijing threatened to block ... - Daily Mail
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'5% off for A cups... 65% off for G cups': Seafood restaurant offers bizarre discount to female diners based on the ... - Daily Mail
A restaurant in China has been found offering discounts to women depending on the size of their breasts. The seafood restaurant in Hangzhou offers a whopping 65 percent off for those with G breasts. According to the restaurant, the offer began on.

Chinese restaurant offers discount to girls over bra size!
Basically, a Chinese restaurant cum hotel offer discount to girls depending their β€˜bra size’ or cups. You must be feeling weird after reading this news, but they have mentioned in their menu card that if you have a cup of bra, then you have a discount.

Japanese women's breasts continue to grow, reach historic tipping point in lingerie maker's study - SoraNews24
Since 1980, the company has been annually compiling statistics on its bra sales, with the data broken down by cup size , in an attempt to determine the current state of chest sizes in Japan. We last sifted through the data two years ago. Since then, the.

Chinese restaurant offers bra size discounts
A Chinese restaurant has come under fire for offering discounts to women depending on their bra size, it's reported ... It listed discounts for women depending on their cup size, with greater offers available to women with bigger busts.

A Chinese Restaurant Has Been Offering Discounts Based On Bra Size
According to the BBC, the restaurant has been offering discounts based on bra sizes. If someone who wears an A cup were to eat at Trendy Shrimp, for example, they would get a 5% discount. But if someone who wears a G cup ate there, they would get 65% off.

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So A Chinese Restaurant Is Offering Women Discounts Based On Their Bra Size
And as you can tell by the poster above, it is then accompained with various images of animated women showing off their breast sizes β€” a woman with an A-cup bra gets just a five percent discount, while a woman with a G-cup gets a 65 percent discount.

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