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Arctic Blimps and Stealth Snowmobiles. Is There Something You'd Like to Share With Us, Canada? - Discover Magazine (blog)
Was Canada mocked one too many times at the last UN meeting/G20 powwow? Because they seem to be satisfying a serious manpower inferiority complex with plenty of…blimppower. The floating objects are NOT blimps, says Hybrid Air Vehicles, the&nbsp.

Overload during work hours can also be a problem, Greene says. - Daily Mail
Aaron Norris says he's slowly gotten rid of his laptop at home for work after finding he was reading emails at 5:30 a.m. and spending time in the evening sorting through emails that he estimates were 80 percent spam. Norris, a vice president at his.

Killer wants access to porn in prison
He says that on June 24, 2008, a Cosmopolitan magazine, a hand-drawn Celtic cross and a picture of a woman in a bra and panties were ... Urban Hitz and Ozone, motorcycle magazines Easy Rider and Live to Ride, which feature scantily clad women and.

Climate change fears 'have been exaggerated' and doomsday predictions are overestimates, say scientists - Daily Mail
The CO2 scare is a decoy just as the coming Ice-Age in the 80's and the ozone hole in the 80's . What high-level politicians really should inform people about is the ... Stunning NASA 'oil painting' image reveals a massive raging storm on Jupiter with.

The Platypus Can Poison You 80 Different Ways - Discover Magazine (blog)
That's kind of the approach evolution used when designing this odd creature's venom; scientists have just determined that the venom contains over 80 different toxins in 13 different classes. The poison can kill small animals, and can leave humans in.

Turning the red planet green: NASA proposes radical plan to surround Mars with a magnetic field to restore an 'Earth ... - Daily Mail
News | NASA Orbiter Steers Clear of Mars Moon Phobos NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This Is the Most Complex Video of a Real Cell Ever Made
But “this is the first time we’re doing this many compartments in live cells,” Sarah Cohen, scientist at the National Institutes of Health, told Gizmodo. The video shows the chaotic movement of lipid (fat) droplets traveling through different parts.

New Zealand Enlists Dung Beetles to Deal With Piles and Piles of Crap - Discover Magazine (blog)
“It's absolutely massive when you start realising that 80 per cent of the nitrous oxide is actually captured and the run-off is virtually eliminated because they just produce so many little holes that the water doesn't run off the fields anymore. It.

The breathtaking 'rainbow UFO' clouds spotted high above Scotland
The nacreous cloud formations, which could be seen from all around Aberdeenshire ... They are formed when methane in the atmosphere reacts with ozone. Although vibrant, the colourful light show is an unnatural event, triggered by a build-up of greenhouse.

Global warming gases 'hit record high' says UN panel - but CO2 may not be worst - Daily Mail
Weather stations in the Andes, in Alaska and the south Pacific helped to gather the data, which showed surges in various 'greenhouse' gases, including gases used as replacements for the CFCs previously blamed for eroding the ozone layer. Nitrous oxide&nbsp.

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