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Gear Guy - Outside Magazine
Full disclosure and TMI: I wore the same pair of underwear for 72 hours. In the name of science. I put them on at my home in Ashland, Oregon, and wore them for a day of computer and yard work. Then I wore them on a road trip to California. Finally, I.

Polarmax AYG underwear dries fast
The Polarmax AYG (All Year Gear) line of T-shirts and underwear seems designed for the backpacker ... What we liked: Lightweight, quick drying, comfortable and sturdy. Not so much: $30 is a bit much for a pair of boxers. Vitals: All Year Gear 365 Boxer.

How to Easily Wash Your Clothes When Traveling - Racked
Ten dollars to wash a T- shirt ? Four dollars for panties? Twelve dollars for shorts? Twenty-three dollars for a dress? We are talking laundry, not dry cleaning. In some cases, it would be cheaper to buy clothes than to clean them. If your trip is short.

Tommy John Launches its Newest Underwear Innovation, Go Anywhere™
These features are paired with the same iconic functionality that Tommy John underwear is known for; the horizontal Quick Draw ... of his clothing to be as hard working as he is. He refuses to settle for anything less." Tommy John launches this collection.

How to keep your balls fresh, clean, and dry - Men's Fitness
Creams: As an alternative to powder, you can invest in a soothing cream, like the aptly named Fresh Balls Lotion for Men which is less cumbersome to apply than powder, and dries with a cooling tingle. It's talc- and aluminum-free, so it keeps.

Forget your washer and dryer! Clever hack shows how you can clean and dry your underwear in just six minutes flat ... - Daily Mail
A hack for cleaning and drying your underwear in just six minutes flat will have you considering trading your washing machine and dryer for a salad spinner. When you're pressed for time, hand-washing your unmentionables may be out of the question, but.

Craft Cool Bike Boxer cycling underwear
You may have discussed what to wear underneath non-cycle-specific clothing while on the road. Some may prefer to ride unpadded in ordinary underwear ... parts more sensitive than others…and it’s quick-dry too. The polyester fabric integrates six.

The dirty secret about your clothes - Washington Post
The problems are exacerbated in the low-price, quick -turnaround segment of the market known as “ fast fashion,” which encourages cheap production and a throwaway mind-set. ... These include Colorado-based PACT, which makes underwear and loungewear from.

Finally! The Real Reason Your Clothes Are Shrinking in the Wash - Reader's Digest
Washing clothes in hot water (or drying them using hot air) shrinks the fabric. ... Hence the miniaturized shirts and shorts. ... Because cotton and wool both absorb quite a bit of water, they will shrink faster , so you should wash those garments in.

The Robot That Can Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three Minutes - Fast Company
“We have a washer, dryer , vacuum cleaners, dishwasher. So where is the ... FoldiMate does have some restrictions: The current model can handle shirts , trousers, dresses, skirts, and towels, but not underwear or socks because they're too small. It can.

10 Common Underwear Problems—Solved! - Reader's Digest
The absolute best way to care for your undergarments is to hand wash them in cool water with a specially-formulated lingerie wash and hang dry , advises King. Washing skivvies incorrectly is just one of the underwear mistakes that can mess with your.

Start-Up Rhone Is About To Disrupt The Activewear Market Again With Its GoldFusion Line - Forbes
rhone-spackman-10 Rhone, a premium men's activewear start-up, has been a disruptive rookie force since launching in 2014. The company saw a narrow niche between big players like Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon and shot right through the gap.

Base Layers: 27 Winter Tops For Any Budget - Gear Junkie (blog)
There's certainly no shortage of options for long underwear these days. To help you pick the best this season, GearJunkie reviewed and has itemized a list by insulation category and ... Super light and form-fitting, the ultralight base layer will.

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