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Here’s how to enter decorated bras and ties in Believe Walk contest
The 10th annual Believe Walk, to be held Oct. 1 in downtown Redlands, is sponsoring a Bra and Tie Contest. People are invited to enter decorated bras or ties that will be displayed as part of the Believe Walk, an event that raises funds to fight cancer.

Zika unlikely to get worse due to prior dengue fever: Study
Researchers studied 65 people who live in and around Sao Jose do Rio Preto, where dengue is endemic and there was a particularly rapid outbreak of Zika during the 2016 epidemic. During the period when the Zika epidemic was at its most intense, between.

Pneumonia outbreak grows in Lynchburg area
LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) State health officials say an outbreak of pneumonia cases continues to grow in the Lynchburg area. A school nurse noticed a large number of students were coming down with pneumonia last month and alerted the Central Virginia Health.

Watch the History of Bras in Under 3 Minutes
There's even a "100 Years of Hamster Beauty" for hamster beauty aficionados.) The video details some of the biggest trends and innovations in bra design, giving tidbits about each one along the way. (Did you know the "nipple bra" was popular in the '70s.

GOP leaders bolt from Senate candidate Roy Moore after sex claim
On a second visit, he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes except for his underwear before touching her over her bra and underpants, Corfman told the Post. He also guided her hand to touch him over his underwear, she said. “I wanted it.

Six dead and 17 sick from major drug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in Minnesota
A tuberculosis outbreak in Minnesota is now the largest in the country infecting 17 people and killing six. Fourteen of those who contracted the disease are from the elderly Hmong community, with 10 of those cases believed to have spread through shared.

Christmas prawn shortage in Queensland as seafood industry struggles with supply
The prawn market was thrown into chaos during the peak periods of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year last year after an outbreak of white spot disease in southeast Queensland prawn farms led to the destruction of prawns worth more than $25 million.

国内首款手机上传加速软件“上传宝”发布 - 科学时报
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Bay Area flight attendant sues Victoria’s Secret, says Chinese-made bras and panties gave her a rash
A San Rafael woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain, claiming the China-made bras and underwear she bought ... toxin or allergen that caused the outbreak, and that the company knew or should have known.

PICS: Miley Cyrus in revealing little black dress
While the happy couple was in California to celebrate Cyrus' Australian soon-to-be-husband, the real breakout star was Cyrus herself. The 19-year-old slipped into a revealing-yet-chic bra-top black mini dress. Cyrus showed off her skinny frame while.

Left 4 Dead Arcade Game Focuses On Four Player Co-op Vs. Hordes Of Zombies
Like the other Left 4 Dead games, Survivors’ story revolves around the four people who are fighting for their lives in the midst of a zombie outbreak, as they must help each other in order to make it alive. The game’s slogan is “4 vs. 1,000,” and.

新太空望远镜将乘巨型气球升空搜寻黑洞 - 科学时报
新望远镜(X-Calibur)将在这么高的地方搜寻黑洞和其他一些线索,以便弄清宇宙中的黑洞同爱因斯坦的广义相对论是否相符。 美国趣味科学网站9月13日称,本月,一个用来搜寻黑洞的新望远镜(X-Calibur)将要升空,但搭载它升空的不是运载火箭。一个容纳整架747&nbsp.

全球抗生素使用10年增长36%:滥用情况惊人 - 科学时报
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