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Textronics(TM) Introduces Heart Sensing Sports Bra; NuMetrex(TM) Sports Bra Monitors Heart Rate with Innovative Built-in Heart Monitor
WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 12, 2005--Textronics, a developer of innovative high technology fabrics and textile systems, is releasing its first consumer product made specifically for women - a heart sensing sports bra branded as NuMetrex.

The Next Frontier of Fitness Gadgets Is Here, and I Tested All of Them - Bloomberg
And then, as better motion sensors in smartphones brought us free step-counting apps, the industry moved on to fancier things such as heart rate monitoring . I even had a watch that measured my sweat. But all they did was record this data and package.

I Am Become the Yoga Cyborg - Motherboard
The sports bra is colorful and comfortable, and the app has one of the best user interfaces I've seen. But underneath the design this was essentially just a heart rate monitor with a few specific, tailored features for running. This doesn't strike me.

the Adidas miCoach heart rate monitoring bra is perfect
Lately I’ve been listening to all my fitness-happy friends talk about the best heart rate monitor on the market. From what my under-exercised self can gather, a fancy heart rate monitor that straps around your chest is necessary for a proper, pro-level.

Win in Federal Patent Lawsuit Confirms Strength of Sensoria Intellectual Property and Value of Proprietary Technology - GlobeNewswire (press release)
The company's product line includes the only textile sensing smart socks available in the market and a Bluetooth Smart connected heart rate monitoring sports bra or t-shirt to help users stay on track with their fitness goals. Together, the smart socks.

10 Best Workout Clothes and Tools for Travel
Dubbed a “personal trainer,” the activity monitor tracks things like speed, heart rate, and distance ... over my whole body sometimes if I need to skip a shower. This sports bra is one of the best workout clothes you can travel with because it triples.

The new Victoria's Secret sports bra connects directly to heart-rate monitors - Engadget
The $75 bra comes with the electrodes all built-in, but doesn't contain a heart - rate monitor itself. You'll need to connect that at the back, although the listing doesn't specify which "leading brands" you'll be able to do it with. Alongside the lack.

Victoria's Secret Intros Bra with Built-In Heart Monitor
Besides the electronics inside, the bra has the benefits of Body-Wick fabric, concealed wires and padded straps. Clip-on heart rate monitors from basically any brand are compatible with the sensor setup. You'll have to buy them separately though.

Sensoria Partners with MYZONE to Deliver Comfortable, Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring Garments - GlobeNewswire (press release)
Sensoria and MyZone announce chest- monitoring fitness garments Digital Trends.

Can Wearing A High-Tech 'Smart Bra' Make You Healthier? - Sporteluxe
Meanwhile, a startup called Bloomer at the Massachusetts University of Technology is currently working on a smart bra that aims to improve your cardiovascular health. It basically works like a less invasive version of a heart - rate monitor , as it has.

Here's Where You Want Your Heart Rate During Workouts - Refinery29
The way you feel while exercising is just as important as the number on your heart rate monitor . And the way you feel may be very different from the way someone else feels, even if you're doing the same workout. So, if your body's telling you it needs.

This Sports Bra Checks Your Heart Rate and Recharges as You Move - Seeker
The sports bra heart monitor works exactly like an EKG. The thin circuitry on the bra touches the skin and registers the small changes in conductivity that accompany the sound waves generated by every heartbeat. Andrew's lab is getting the sports bra.

This Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Can Hook Up With A Heart Rate Monitor
It was only a matter of time… fancy lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is now selling a sports bra for around $75 with built in electrodes that hook up to a heart rate monitor. Sign of our wearable tech times. Smart garments were recently identified.

Best Fitbit 2017: How to choose the right tracker for your goals
It's also the debut device for Fitbit's improvements in sleep monitoring, using the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to determine whether ... It differs by coming in a clip-on form factor, handy for bras and suchlike. It also has a clock and, like.

The Best Sports Bra For Every Workout, Boob Size And Budget - Huffington Post Canada
For most of us, cost is a significant factor, and while we found a pleasing assortment of affordable sports bras at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, adding performance and tech fabric to the game definitely upped the ante and increased the SRP.

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