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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 4 Premiere Recap – The Launch of Lady Parts - TVOvermind
She wanted to take matters into her own hand which led her to spend the day out tweeting/snapchatting, while Retta was back at her place working on content. The two have a heated moment which eventually leads them ... After another verbal sparring.

Urban Outfitters settles with Navajo Nation after illegally using tribe's name - The Guardian
Urban Outfitters reached a settlement with the Navajo Nation after illegally using the tribe's name for a collection that included “Navajo hipster panties ” and a “Navajo print flask”. The lawsuit was brought against the fashion company in 2012, though.

What to Wear for Kalsarikännit: The Finnish Trend of Drinking at Home Alone in Your Underwear - The Fashion Spot
Now, we're definitely down for anything that lets us kick back in our Calvins and be homebodies, but we realize that not all bras and panties are ideal for lounging. After all, you're not trying to impress anybody by sporting a push-up bra and barely.

UN debates 'cultural appropriation,' trademarking indigenous cultural expressions - Fox News
The issue of “cultural appropriation” came to a head in 2012 when Urban Outfitters released its “Navajo” line, which featured "Navajo hipster panties ," a "peace treaty feather necklace" and a "Navajo print flask." The Navajo Nation sued Urban.

Victoria’s Secret Is Bucking the Bra Trend
Now, as the mother of all underwear labels tries to figure out how best to keep women coming back to its lace-filled stores ... retailers dive into the lingerie business: Stores from hipster staple Urban Outfitters to fast-fashion powerhouse Forever.

Jockey's New Underwear Line Has Five Different Shades of Nude - Allure Magazine
And ethical brand Naja has a line of lingerie, called Nude for All, that aims to match bras and panties to various skin colors and has a pretty amazing selection to choose from. And over in the world of beauty, there's the gorgeous Surratt Beauty.

Is Urban Outfitters Having A 2017 New Year's Sale? Here's What's On Offer Now - Bustle
There's a ton of diversity in the products on offer, too: Panties range from hipsters , to thongs, to boy shorts and strappy lace bikinis, while bras range from longline styles, to bralettes, to gorgeously embroidered mesh cups (for anyone who wants to.

Urban Outfitters' "Navajo Hipster Panty" Is Just the Tip of the Racial Iceberg
There are 22, ranging from the seemingly innocuous (a Navajo scarf) to the ridiculous, such as the Navajo drinking flask and the Navajo hipster panty. Fashion retailers ... and these things do have consequences. Back in 2003, Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF.

I Haven't Worn a Thong in 10 Years so Don't Tell Me to Start Now - Cosmopolitan.com
As I write this, I'm wearing jeans over seamless, tagless hipster -style underwear . Yesterday, I wore a sweater with a ... When thongs' back -to-front fabric strips move, they can transfer colonic bacteria from your anal area to your vulva. Hello.

How a Major 'Broad City' Post-Election Rewrite Affected the Costumes in Season 4
The show inherently is about these two friends, we always come back to their friendship ... There's like one scene where Ilana's wearing a pair of underwear — naturally, as she does — and it says on it, 'mine, not yours.' It's just always like.

These Trans-Friendly Lingerie Designers Are Changing The Valentine's Day Game - Bustle
I'll usually work with a client for a week or so to go back and forth with sketches. [...] After that I spend a few weeks prototyping, gathering fabrics and materials, and making sure I know the best techniques for the technical needs." Her process.

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