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The dirty dozens: Outrage after 140 killers and rapists receive further life sentences for re-offending upon their ... - Daily Mail
Almost 140 killers, rapists and paedophiles who have already received a life sentence have received a second or subsequent term for committing a serious offence over the past 15 years. Some of those include killers who have struck again once they were&nbsp.

The diet that made me a not-so-big Phil: Radio executive who launched Heart and Magic battles back against obesity - Daily Mail
He dined with the stars, was in control of millions and helped shape the British music industry. But for all Phil Riley's power, there was one thing he couldn't control: his weight. By the time he reached middle age, Phil, a radio industry executive.

Another cancer drug too dear for Britain: Bowel cancer victims denied life-prolonging care that's free in Europe - Daily Mail
Bowel cancer sufferers are to be denied a life-prolonging drug on the NHS which is available to patients across Europe and beyond. Trials show Avastin can extend life by almost two years. But the Government's rationing body, Nice, says it is not cost.

'First time in a bikini since my honeymoon!' Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry shows off her post-baby body in sexy ... - Daily Mail
Tamera Mowry took her own sweet time to lose the weight after her son's birth in late 2012. Now the former Sister, Sister star is sharing her hard-won bikini body in the latest issue of In Touch magazine. Tamera, 35, who said she now weighs 127 lbs.

Breaking bad habits: No make-up, curfews and prayers - what happened when five party girls moved into convent
On the show she adds kindly that two of the girls are a “little bit modern in their dress”. That’s one word for it. But overall the smiling Sisters are immediately charming to the shrieking sirens who clamber in with their lingerie-stuffed wheelie.

Would YOU have an 'age-gap abortion'? Mother-to-be, 31, admits she's 'sick with anxiety' in case her partner, 54 ... - Daily Mail
Expecting your first child can be a nerve-wracking time for any mother-to-be. But one woman has admitted to being so fearful she's considering a termination - because her partner is 24 years older. The confused 31-year-old sought advice on Mumsnet.

The killer wins: Death Row murderer outlives victim's father who campaigned for decades to see him executed - Daily Mail
He spent 27 years criticising a justice system that allowed his daughter's killer to remain on death row with no fixed execution date. Now Marine veteran George Cullins, 88, has fulfilled his prediction that he would die before seeing California serial.

Are You Really Wearing The Right Bra Size?
Bra shopping ... (whether online or in-store), there's a handy solution that many shoppers might not be aware of: sister sizing. It’s a system that offers a lot of leeway for those whose cups might runneth over, or whose cups might appear a little.

The Sales Whisperer: How Steven Khalil's new design will help 45.8 million people
Expect to find lacy ... all online shopping addicts, Australia Post now has you covered with its new postal membership. We all know the sinking feeling of putting items in our cart and realising the exorbitant shipping fees make the purchase a little.

How I lost 150lb - one byte at a time: Once-obese teen writes weight-loss book inspired by concept of video games - Daily Mail
At just 14-years-old, Taylor LeBaron was addicted to video games and eating - and weighed a shocking 297lbs. Now 18, the teen has transformed his body and his life. Over 18 months, the teenager, originally from Georgia, lost half of his bodyweight.

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