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Want to improve your attention span? Then grab a MOCHA! Caffeine combined with cocoa can enhance your brain ... - Daily Mail
Forget skinny soya milk lattes, the best way to get ahead at work is to grab yourself a full-fat mocha. That's according to scientists who studied the behaviour of people drinking coffee and hot chocolate over the course of a year. They found that.

Need motivation to keep exercising? 25 tips from trainers
Pump up the jams Music can be an incredibly powerful mood booster ... or a killer sports bra is just like buying the perfect little black dress." More than just retail therapy, stepping into fun new workout wear could be just the boost of self-love.

Feeling glum this grey Blue Monday? Lidl have launched a SAD lamp to improve wellbeing – but does it work? - The Sun
They are proven to help increase well-being by affecting chemicals in the brain linked to mood and sleep. But with prices usually ranging between £50 and £150, it's a risky investment. However, budget supermarket Lidl has recently launched an.

Another Science-Backed Reason To Have More Sex - Refinery29
Questions that were asked to the students included how much meaning they felt in life as well as whether their current mood was more positive or negative. Looking at the diaries, the researchers noticed that having sex one day increased the odds that.

Amber Rose's jaw-dropping cleavage breaks the laws of gravity in Instagram ad for strapless backless bra - Daily Mail
Luckily for Isaac Newton, he wasn't sitting under a melon tree when he discovered the laws of gravity. Amber Rose proved hers at least do not appear to obey them as she posted a jaw-dropping ad for a backless, strapless bra on Tuesday. Not a word is&nbsp.

Wacoal Bra Ad Gets A Guy Into A Push-Up Bra (VIDEO) - Huffington Post
Does The Twist In This Push - Up Bra Advert Stop It From Being Seedy? (VIDEO) Huffington Post UK.

'Me at 15 when I discovered push up bras': Paris Hilton shares flashback snap of herself wearing gravity-defying ... - Daily Mail
And Paris Hilton shared yet another one on Friday - this time, one from her teenage years. Staring at the camera, she rocks a very low-cut silver dress as she reveals she is wearing some gravity-defying underwear. 'Me at 15 when I discovered push up.

12 Simple Ways to Have Better Sex
straighten up, and then feel like having sex. Suggest that if he'd take the kids out for dinner or ice cream one night, you'd probably be more in the mood. For Valentine's Day, buy yourself a new vibrator (see Take a shower or bath with.

Just ONE workout is enough to boost your mood and reduce stress - Daily Mail
Runners have long boasted of their 'high' after jogs, reporting feelings of euphoria and less anxiousness. Research has backed up their claims and confirmed that regular exercise will boost moods , reduce stress and lower the risk of depression. However&nbsp.

Get fit in 15 minutes: How to boost your cleavage with a walkout press up - Daily Mail
To boost your cleavage with exercise, try a walkout to press- up routine, says personal trainer Nadya Fairweather ( Stand at one end of an exercise mat. Bend down and walk your hands out in front of you, until you are horizontal. Lower.

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