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PICTURED: Peru highlands revel in blast of festival color - Daily Mail
In this Jan. 29, 2017 photo, dancers perform during Virgin of Candelaria celebrations in Puno, Peru. Some dances gesture toward everyday village activities such as grazing llamas or shearing animals. Others depict the Spanish conquest or the.

London Zoo meerkat handler cries in court as she is spared jail for glassing her monkey expert love rival in a row ... - Daily Mail
A London Zoo meerkat handler wept in court today as she was spared jail for glassing her monkey expert love rival in a fight over a llama keeper. Caroline Westlake, 30, glassed colleague Kate Sanders in a bitter row over Adam Davies, a keeper in the.

Yoda the llama finds a brand new home after being offered up on Craiglist and now he can't stop SMILING - Daily Mail
He was offered up in an advert on Craiglist after his owner could no longer look after him. And now he has finally found a brand new home in California, Yoda the llama cannot stop smiling. Yoda became the subject of a Craiglist ad after his previous.

Llama on the loose! Unusual pet spends SIX HOURS trotting through Manchester streets after breaking free from field
Mr Taylor eventually caught up with the llama at midnight and managed to calm her down and walk her home. He began keeping the animals after the death of a beloved pet pony and has since taken in unwanted llamas from around the country.

Mama's boy! Jennifer Garner and a dapperly dressed Samuel enjoy some mother son time while the tot's older siblings ... - Daily Mail
He may be a growing up to be quite a snappily dressed young man, but he will always be his mom's baby. Jennifer Garner got some one-on-one time with son Samuel after dropping daughters Seraphina and Violet at school. The four-year-old seemed very&nbsp.

Jennifer Garner laughs happily with a friend as she makes a solo outing to church - Daily Mail
It was just announced that the Alias star will next voice Mama Llama in next year's Netflix animated series based on Anna Dewdney's Llama Llama book series. The actress said she was very excited to get the part as it was a book she had read to her.

Zebra descended from media mogul William Randolph Hearst's collection is found dead and skinned on beach near ... - Daily Mail
They are descendants of zebras brought to the San Simeon estate of media mogul William Randolph Hearst in 1923 as part of the publishing tycoon's private zoo, which also included African antelope, camels, llamas and kangaroos. After the zoo was closed&nbsp.

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Heartbreaking images show kangaroo joeys, possums and llamas with bandaged limbs after being badly burned in ... - Daily Mail
Kangaroo joeys with burned paws, possums with singed tails and birds suffering dehydration are among the animals that have been rushed into emergency care following raging bushfires. The blazes in the Yarloop area, south of Perth in Western Australia,&nbsp.

'They gave me a lifeline when I needed it most': Breast cancer survivor says alpacas and llamas saved her as she ... - Daily Mail
A woman who survived cancer and built a million-pound business says that she owes everything to her alpacas and llamas . Elaine Sharp, 53, from Sheffield claims her animals gave her the strength to live after the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.

'I told her sex was the number after five': Parents confess the worst lies they've told their children to get out of ... - Daily Mail
Honesty might be the best policy, but the occasional fib is inevitable - especially when you're raising children. Parents have taken to Whisper, a website that allows people to post confessions anonymously, to reveal the biggest lies they've ever told.

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26 People Whose Comments Sent the Conversation in a Really Awkward Direction
Every time I asked certain students to do something they would say “Ok, Mr. XX, I certainly wouldn’t want to make ... I bartend on the weekends at a major chain restaurant. The POS stations (the computers where we plug all the orders in) won’t.

He's hit guac bottom! Hapless horse falls into a 5ft hole on his way back from a Taco Bell run - Daily Mail
A horse returning from a run to Taco Bell escaped serious injury after falling into a five-foot-deep hole in Southern California. Fire officials say the saddled horse and its rider had just left a Taco Bell near downtown Riverside on Saturday when the.

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