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Megan Fox shows off her teeny-weeny waist as she shoots her new movie, Jonah Hex, on Thursday (April 23) in Louisiana. Folks, these pictures are not Photoshopped and that waistline is 100% real. Megan looks like she’s laughing… because she can’t.

What it’s like to wear Victorian corsets and underwear today
It’s very invasive. My corsets are 22 inches measured around the outside of the corset. I have six for wearing and then two underbust ones that are now too big for me. Those were my first ones that I keep for sentimental reasons. I also have two antique.

Tara Moss: 'I wear a corset for pleasure, but also to avoid pain'
After two full decades of wearing corsets for pleasure and fashion, and collecting no less than 12 of them, I experienced yet another of my "writing aches" and laced myself into an old underbust one afternoon. Perhaps I had medical corsets in mind that.

We Tried a Waist Trainer Like Kim Kardashian for 10 Days: Here's What Happened
Long term, corsets can compromise your ability to move and breath ... In an effort to find out what waist-training is really like, Us Weekly enlisted editorial assistant Jamie Blynn to try the technique out for 10 days (increasing the amount of time.

Bytes: cheap lingerie china
gnant Ferne McCann shows off blossoming belly in <a href="">cheap lingerie china ... due date 'You could feel <a href="">underbust corset</a> the tension!' Former producer of.

Watch Average Guys Waist Train Like Kim Kardashian
These seven men thought they had what it took to waist train like Kim Kardashian, but they were wrong. Very, very wrong. And whiny.

Can corsets ever be comfy? Our size 12 model puts the latest High Street garments to the test...
This ultra-curvy under-bust corset did well to pull in my stomach. The design takes the pressure off the hips, so it didn’t dig in lower down, as shorter corsets sometimes do. The longer style added half an inch to the top of my hips though.

Get skinny in a cinch? Corsets make a comeback, along with health issues
The black satin under-bust corsets that Erin Bray labors over in her sunlit midtown studio are brutally elegant. Steel-boned and rigid, each garment flattens flab with five front buttons. At its back, a thick ribbon weaves through a column of eyelets.

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