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“What kind of shape is Buffalo really in?” - Buffalo Rising
While numerous segments of the city are experiencing positive changes, there's still a lot of work to be done. The East Side of Buffalo, which is essentially half the city, still suffers from serious disinvestment. According to Heaney, these are the.

On the Anarchy of Poetry and Philosophy
I’m especially grateful to many colleagues and friends—too many, really, to enumerate. But particular thanks to those that prompted me to write the various portions of this book: Ulrich Arnswald, Robert Bernasconi, Simon.

UFO sightings in North Wales over the years - Daily Post North Wales
In the spring of 1964, a woman walking her dog in the grounds of Denbigh Castle reported finding her pet cowering in a beam of light from the sky . When she tried to pick her dog up, her arm was burnt by the light and the animal's hair was singed too.

Teenager who lost an eye after being hit by rogue firework said it "flew like an artillery bullet" -
A teenager who lost his eye after being hit by a rogue firework said it "flew like an artillery bullet" and could have caused brain damage if it was 2cm closer. Ferhan Enes Sahinler was leaving a display on Bonfire Night when the stray rocket fell from.

Gruesome cases of great white sharks having their livers ripped out and eaten by orcas are on the rise because of ... - Daily Mail
Since May, several great white shark corpses have washed ashore with their livers and hearts missing in South Africa, in a bizarre set of killings. Orcas are believed to be responsible for the slayings, living up to their name as 'killer whales.' While.

Billionaire Space X boss Elon Musk says Falcon 9 rocket landing makes it 'possible' to build a city on Mars -
ORBCOMM-2 Full Launch Webcast - YouTube YouTube.

Are they hiding something? The government is using EU laws to block requests to access its files on UFOs spotted in ... - Daily Mail
Sightings of UFOs are being hushed up by the government using EU laws, a leading expert has claimed. The public has previously been granted access to records held by the state, detailing reports of strange sights seen in the sky by civilian aircrews.

Immigration Brings Out the Social Engineers - Reason
If we Americans value freedom, we will dismiss the social engineers, open the borders, and liberate ourselves. Sheldon Richman | August 6, 2017. EMAIL · SHARE · Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; StumbleUpon; Digg; Delicious; Reddit; Google; Linkedin; Kindle.

Does your boss say this? Top 50 management speak phrases that drive workers nuts -
Employees are inwardly seething at phrases such as 'Blue sky thinking', 'touch base offline' and 'game changer'. A poll of 2,000 office workers found most can't stand to hear things like 'it's on my radar', 'peel the onion' and 'reach out'. Seven in 10.

How to do Christmas on a budget: Mums list 7 ways to save on spends over the festive period -
Fuel bills tend to skyrocket as the temperature plummets, and can be a source of stress for many at this time of year. Layering up with jumpers, socks and thick thermals is a good start (and easier on the environment) - and blocking draughts will also.

'How I bring the dead back to life' - Meet the woman who uses human remains to make art -
On top of our kitchen cupboard there was a selection of heads that would look down on us as we ate our breakfast before school. Not real heads, but my parents, who met and worked at Madame Tussauds, often brought their work home with them, so I guess&nbsp.

Marie Colvin's Private War - Vanity Fair
The day before she walked into the apartment building in Homs where two grimy rooms were set up as a temporary media center, the top floor had been sheared off by rockets . Many thought the attack ... The smell of death assaulted Colvin as mutilated.

'No Cases of Trans People in Restrooms Ever Being Arrested': Caitlyn Jenner Dismisses Safety Objections to ... -
Reality TV star and transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner joined New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof Tuesday at the Academy for Young Writers in Brooklyn for a live Q&A session about transgender issues. The main issue addressed during the live chat&nbsp.

Hunt for Isis fighters goes on despite declaration of victory in Mosul - The Guardian
Through a small opening in a wall, the soldiers climbed into a room filled with colourful bras and underwear. They stepped over the mutilated body of a fighter whose leg hung from the wheels of a motorbike, then crossed a small street lined with.

The six eye-watering reasons why you should NEVER allow your son to be circumcised, by PETER LLOYD - Daily Mail
39;There's a continuum of FGM [female genital mutilation ] and the equivalent of male circumcision is definitely on there, whether people like it or not. Some forms of FGM are just a pin-prick, which is obviously still bad, but it's nowhere near as.

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