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'In a few decades half of Australia will be Aboriginal': Indigenous land council says people are rorting the system ... - Daily Mail
An Aboriginal land council says people are falsely claiming to be indigenous to cheat the system. The Sydney-based Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council says as many as one in 15 people - or more - claim to be Aboriginal when they aren't, in a bid.

Is the definition of autism too broad? NHS claims one in 100 adults is autistic in some form
But the findings are likely to be seized upon as evidence that the definition of autism is now too broad ... Can be socially awkward and lack empathy. 3) Nonspecific pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS): Shows some but not all the symptoms of.

Police believe body of young man found in a Massachusetts river is likely missing 16-year-old who 'fell down a storm ... - Daily Mail
Police have pulled the body of a young man from a Massachusetts river and say it is likely that of a teen who is believed to have fallen down a storm drain. New Hampshire police said officials there, along with Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, authorities.

Forgotten fossil that lay in a museum for over a CENTURY is found to be a new species of 'British' ichthyosaur - Daily Mail
39;The name Larkin actually means 'fierce' so it's quite fitting for a fast-moving predator.' 'Ichthyosaurs, with their similarities to both modern fish and dolphins, are among the more arresting and captivating fossil specimens known,' said Jonathan.

Indiana lawmakers will amend religious freedom law under gay-rights pressure as the White House says it 'flies in ... - Daily Mail
The definition of 'person' includes religious institutions, businesses and associations. Pence says the law has been 'grossly mischaracterized' and has put Indiana under a harsh glare – resulting in a 'perception problem' that he has to address. 'I don.

Little white lies are NOT as innocent as you think: Over time, small fibs may desensitise our brains to dishonesty - Daily Mail
Telling small lies can actually lead to us telling bigger lies in future, according to a new study. Small, self-serving lies can actually desensitise our brains to the negative emotions connected to fibbing, says the research. Telling small lies can.

Lamborghini driver sped through a red light and into the path of oncoming car - Daily Mail
A flashy motorist hoping to show off his supercar was left humiliated when he sped through a red light and into the path of another vehicle. The gold Lamborghini Aventador was illegally travelling down a road not open to public traffic when it ran the.

Get ready for GM supersoldiers: DARPA reveal project to develop gene editing system - Daily Mail
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard: A team led by Dr Amit Choudhary is developing means to switch on and off genome editing in bacteria, mammals, and insects, including control of gene drives in a mosquito vector for malaria, Anopheles stephensi.

Herman Van Rompuy bid Europe's Court of Auditors for positive headlines - Daily Mail
The EU president has sent a shot across the bow of Europe's official spending watchdog warning it to rein in its criticism of Brussels and focus on promoting the union. Herman Van Rompuy told Europe's Court of Auditors that he wants their findings to&nbsp.

'I wasn't about to let him miss out!' Texas single mom receives praise for donning a 'dad' disguise so her son could ... - Daily Mail
That's what Yevette Vasquez from Fort Worth, Texas, did last week when she heard that her son's school was having a 'Donuts with Dad' event. The mom only learned the news when she was pulling into the school parking lot on Thursday to drop off her son&nbsp.

After being booed by Grenfell victims, Theresa May caps another dreadful day with 'inhuman' TV interview and fails ... - Daily Mail
Frankly, I was appalled at her lack of empathy and complete avoidance of the issues.' Another, Tye Adams wrote: 'Theresa May on Newsnight tonight was just embarrassing. Very evasive and lacking in empathy . Why can't she just answer a question?!!&#39.

Denise Richards dresses down in checked shirt and white vest as she takes her daughters Eloise and Lola shopping - Daily Mail
She's been keeping a low profile over the past few weeks after her ex husband Charlie Sheen went public with his HIV diagnosis. And Denise Richards has been making the most of family time, taking her two youngest daughters Lola, 10, and four-year-old&nbsp.

'Unreal when it targets you': Faceless trolls attack online - Daily Mail
Auernheimer, whose anti-Semitic rhetoric matches the swastika tattooed on his chest, chuckled at the mention of Schrode's name. "Why should I have any empathy ? What's she ever done for me?" he asked. "I don't feel any empathy for any Jew anywhere.&quot.

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