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The map that helped win Battle of Waterloo
“Waters was delighted to find his horse quietly destroying the vegetables in a garden near the farmhouse at Quatre Bras”. So the map was found, and delivered to Wellington, who went on to oversee victory at Waterloo and end Napoleon’s rule as Emperor.

Important Battle of Waterloo building DESTROYED to make way for new block of flats
The large brick building stood at the heart of the Battle of Quatre Bras that was fought on June 16 1815 - two days before the more famous Battle of Waterloo - which pitted French troops against the Anglo-allied army of the Duke of Wellington. Its.

A sensitivity toward ballet's historical traditions was evident in the performance of Anton Dolin's ''Pas de Quatre,'' a confrontation between ... has pretty feet in addition to that port de bras, but moved haltingly. Mr. Pearson-Smith was her willing.

HOLY FRAK! Moon transits Earth!
Regular readers know I am deeply impressed with astronomical imagery, and I tend to be a little over-the-top on occasion when describing it. First, the setup. The Deep Impact spacecraft was the one that smacked a chunk of copper into a comet so that we.

Battle of Waterloo: How the French emperor has won the war for tourists' wallets
Dedicated to the Iron Duke this collection of maps and memorabilia may be ... social event when he heard of Napoleon's plans – the night before the Battle of Quatre Bras, which stalled the French advance – and apparently the incorrigible duchess.

The Battle of Waterloo, as it happened on June 18, 1815
Here's an eyewitness map of the battlefield at this time ... After the difficult retreat from Quatre-Bras, some of them don't even have boots, let alone a shaving kit. Many have nothing to eat. Breakfast in 1815 is gin, bread, hard biscuits, mystery.

Vive L’Empereur!
Napoleon’s Last Battles is four smaller board games in one, with each game covering a specific battle in the Waterloo campaign (Quatre Bras, Ligny ... Underestimate France at your peril. Vive L’Empereur.

Get in my backyard: 10 amazing pools
I have been dreaming of having a swimming pool in my backyard since I was a little girl. I’ll likely be dreaming for the rest of my life, but that hasn’t stopped me from pinning some amazing backyard swimming pools. Here are ten of my favorites.

Guns & Politics: The Spirit Of The English Patriot Lives On
he has gained 24 hours march on me…I have ordered the army to concentrate at Quatre Bras; but we shall not stop him there, and so I must fight him there” – pointing on the map to a small village nearby, known as Waterloo. The Duchess inquired of.

WATERLOO: Why every Briton should savour this blood-soaked victory that France wants to pretend never happened, writes MAX HASTINGS
the allied commander-in-chief told the Duke of Richmond as he pored over a map in a study where the strains of the ... Wellington said: ‘I have ordered the army to concentrate at Quatre Bras [a strategic crossroads]; but we shall not stop him there.

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