Rules Of The United States Supreme Court For Briefs On The Merits


United States Supreme Court Asked to Review Ninth Circuit Decision on California’s Waiting Period Gun Control Laws
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra asking the United States Supreme ... in over 100 Supreme Court matters, including filing 30 cert. petitions, representing half-a-dozen parties on the merits, and filing over 60 amicus briefs at both the cert.

The United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Supports a Female Transgender Student's Right to Use the Girl's School Restroom
Even though the United States Supreme Court ... to prevail on the merits of the case. The majority opinion concluded that the preliminary injunction factors weighed against Highland's appeal to stay enforcement of the lower court's decision.

A timeline of Trump's battle with the courts to keep his travel ban alive
the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which encompasses the western United States. Sixteen states joined Washington and Minnesota, filing what's called an amicus brief in support of their suit. In dramatic fashion, audio of the case's oral arguments was.

Supreme Court of New Mexico v. United States
Issue: Whether Rule ... United States in opposition filed. Jun 05 2017 Brief amicus curiae of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers filed. Jun 05 2017 Brief amicus curiae of The American Bar Association filed. Aug 07 2017 Reply of petitioners.

Before: MOORE, WHITE, and DONALD, Circuit Judges.COUNSEL ON BRIEF: Colleen P ... at 22. In Tapia v. United States, 564 U.S. 319, 335 (2011), the Supreme Court held that a district court “may not impose or lengthen a prison sentence to enable.

How the Supreme Court's Upcoming Ruling in Same-Sex Marriage Wedding Cake Case Might Impact Other Small Businesses
Related: What You Need to Understand About the Google Firing and Free Speech at Work Laws against discrimination by businesses have a long history in the United States ... Even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Phillips, however, it is likely that.

OU Professor Works On Landmark US Court Case
A professor at the University of Oklahoma is throwing his hat back into national politics at the US Supreme Court ... Most states redraw their lines at that same time. It’s been a long-standing tradition in the United States that the winning party.

Terrorism victims seek Supreme Court blessing to sue multinational corporations
The Justice Department has filed a brief in the case in support of neither party. It argues that the Supreme ... to the United States." If the court follows the administration's advice, it may decide it does not have the case to rule definitively on.

United States Court of Appeals
Pursuant to Rule 41(d)(2) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure ... be served by affording Microsoft "a full opportunity to seek review in the Supreme Court of the United States" before going forward. Books, 239 F.3d at 829.

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