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Handbook of Plastic Surgery
The Handbook of Plastic Surgery is modeled after a few successful handbooks in medicine. The bullet point outline of the book is inspired by the high-yield format of the Washington Manual of internal medicine and the Mont Reid Surgical Handbook of general.

Mid-foot fixation plate
A fixation device for fixation and/or fusion of the bones and joints of the mid-foot includes a plate having a plurality of screw holes for attachment of the plate around the perimeter of the fusion site. In one embodiment, four screw holes are positioned.

Arthroscopic Dorsal Capsulo-Ligamentous Repair in the Treatment of Chronic Scapho-Lunate Ligament Tears
2 57 consecutive patients with refractory chronic wrist pain due to a partial or complete but reducible scapholunate ligament tear were treated with an all arthroscopic dorsal capsulo- ligamentous repair ... and post-operative Scapho-lunate (SL) angles.

Long-term follow-up of callotasis lengthening of the capitate after resection of the lunate for the treatment of stage III lunate necrosis
Collateral ligament injuries of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb: a treatment algorithm See also Distal capitate shortening with capitometacarpal fusion for management of the.

Palmar atypic dislocation of scaphoid: case report and literature review
Injury was treated surgically as a matter ... une voie d’abord postérieure directe sur la scapho-lunaire a été utilisée pour vérifier la réduction, suturer le ligament scapho-lunaire, et stabiliser cette luxation par embrochage temporaire.

Prosthesis component for wirst
1. Pièce de prothèse pour poignet, notamment en remplacement de l'os semi-lunaire et d'une partie de l'os scaphoïde, en vue de leur articulation par rapport aux autres os du poignet et notamment par rapport au grand os (44), caractérisée par le fait.

Apport de l’arthroscopie du poignet dans la prise en charge des lésions du ligament scapho-lunaire
The scapholunate ligament injury is most frequently encountered in the aftermath of trauma in supination and wrist extension. It generates instability with chronic arthritic evolution. It can be associated with a fracture of the radial epiphysis of the radius.

Arthroscopic study of injuries in articular fractures of distal radius extremity
23 patients were found with lesions of the triangular fibrocartilage complex (76.7%), 11 patients with lesions of the intrinsic scapho-semilunate ligament (36.6%) and two with lesion of the semilunar-triquetrolunate intrinsic injury (6.6%). Ten patients.

Scapholunate Fusion in Chronic Symptomatic Scapholunate Instability
Since 1989 scapholunate fusion has been performed on 13 patients with chronic scapholunate instability causing debilitating symptoms. These cases were reviewed at a mean 93 (range, 60–132) months after surgery. Establishing whether bony fusion had been.

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