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Killed by porn: Six women and girls whose lives were horrifically snuffed out by men addicted to vile pornography ... - Daily Mail
She was a bubbly blonde teenager with her whole life ahead of her. At 16, farmer's daughter Hannah Pearson was a former school captain who had just emerged from a difficult two-year battle with anorexia. Who knows what she might have gone on to&nbsp.

How the 'perfect body' for men went from chubby to skinny to muscular over the last 150 years
Artist Nickolay Lamm has done a significant amount of work on how understandings of an "ideal" female body differ from reality. He wanted to take a look at how Americans' standards for the ideal male body have changed over time as well, so he started.

Why women shouldn't skip breakfast and men need mussels: The new diet rules that show the sexes really are from ... - Daily Mail
But growing research suggests that, for optimal health, men and women might be better off preparing separate meals. It's already known that men need more calories to maintain their weight — the NHS recommends 2,500 a day for men compared with 2,000&nbsp.

Male & Female Body Image
What is “body image” and who is it more of a problem for ... is almost as popular as waxing the bikini line for women. The female Brazilian now has a male version called the Boyzilian. Photos of (heart throb) Gerard Butler were taken last year.

'It was the most fulfilling thing I've ever done': Former male model who posed in Vogue transitions into a woman ... - Daily Mail
A former male model who walked the runways for big designers and graced the pages of Vogue is now cracking the industry as a woman . Eden Estrada, from Los Angeles, took the world by storm while working as a male model, but she always knew she&nbsp.

Why men are truly the weaker sex: From women being less emotional to having stronger muscles, a new book reveals ... - Daily Mail
For millennia it has been the dividing line in the battle of the sexes. Women may be better at multi-tasking, less susceptible to 'man flu' and safer behind the wheel — but, physically, men are the stronger sex. And no wonder: on average, males are.

The REAL difference between men and women: Researchers find 6500 genes differ between the sexes - Daily Mail
In the new study to learn more about these difference, researchers analyzed 20,000 genes and found that 6,500 of them are expressed differently in men and women in at least one of the body's tissues. The roots of the project began several years ago.

'Leftover generation' of career women are freezing their eggs 'because they can't find similarly successful men' - Daily Mail
However most women who freeze their eggs are doing so not because of their career but because they cannot find a similarly successful man. The claim was made following reports that women are a third more likely to attend university than men in the UK.

Uber's hunt for a female CEO 'has been narrowed down to a list of three MEN in the wake of the company's sexual ... - Daily Mail
After Meg Whitman's exit, Uber's CEO search is down to only male candidates — as its board struggles and Travis ... Recode.

Forget full lips or jutting cheekbones: Both men and women think EYES are the most beautiful part of someone's face - Daily Mail
A study found that men and women rate a person's eyes more important than other facial features when seeking for a potential partner. Having attractive hair and lips is also an important factor in the beauty stakes. The least important facial feature.

Finding Nemo was WRONG: Marlin would have transformed into a viscous female after his partner was eaten, claim ... - Daily Mail
The researchers found that if she dies or is eaten then the male changes sex over a few weeks. There need to be lots of hormonal changes to become fully female . When the male has changed sex, the largest adolescent male becomes her new mate.

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