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8 More Awesome Chrome Apps to Stay Creative Offline
You can compose with your MIDI devices, export scores as PDF files for printing ... For anyone who works with fonts, Type Zebra is an awesome app for finding just the right one. When you open the app, a new tab will open for you to view fonts in Chrome.

Zebra mussels found in Richland Chambers Reservoir in Texas
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) β€” Invasive zebra mussels continue to spread in Texas with experts saying the pests have reached a large inland reservoir. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department says zebra mussels were identified Oct. 18 in Richland Chambers Reservoir.

Songbird DNA May Offer Clues To Human Speech
The Zebra Finch Learns A Sophisticated Song A young male zebra finch, on the other hand, learns to sing much the way a child learns to talk, Clayton says. "The rudimentary steps are very similar," he says. Young male zebra finches produce something called.

Accident on Mississippi Fair Ride Injures 2 Children
The child’s mother, Miranda Busby, says the fall knocked the girl unconscious. Busby is out of the hospital and will return for treatment. The mother also says her 5-year-old son was on the ride and suffered a minor head wound. The ride will remain.

And you thought your day was bad: Dramatic footage shows a zebra escaping the jaws of a crocodile... only to be eaten by two lionesses on the other side
Footage has emerged of a zebra bravely crossing a treacherous river - only to be eaten by lions on the other side. The video, filmed in Kenya's Maasai Mara National Reserve, shows the animal escaping the jaws of a vicious crocodile during its perilous journey.

Hello sweater weather: October brings 5 cozy trends
I've seen distressing everywhere from the hemline or trim on the bottom to the sleeves to the neckline of the sweater or even all over where you would definitely need to wear something under it like a bodysuit," she says. Distressing gives the sweater a.

Zebra 'poo science' improves conservation efforts
Cape Mountain Zebra in South Afirca. Credit: Jessica Lea from The University of Manchester How can Zebra poo tell us what an animal's response to climate change and habitat destruction will be? That is what scientists from The University of Manchester and.

Here's a first look at Apple's new emoji including a T-rex, a zombie and a zebra
Oh, and there is a head exploding into a nuclear bomb – or is that Donald Trump's head? – as well as a vomiting emoji, a T-rex and a zebra. Because why the hell not? If you need a genie, Apple has you sorted, and just to get you prepped for when the.

Sharon Mosley: Chase those blues away with new denim
Style these jeans with a silky bow blouse to wear to the office and an off-the-shoulder bodysuit for cocktails. Send out a distress signal. The ripped and rumpled look is just as popular as ever, even though some of us may not embrace all of this trend's.

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